Christmas in Singapore

December has always been a wonderful month for me. I love the rains that come knocking on my bedroom window, I like the fresh air and (sometimes) the rainbow that comes after it! ^_^ But most of all, I cherish December for its Christmas!

Look how tiny the people are compare to the Christmas tree!
Look how tiny the people are compare to the Christmas tree!

I dunno when it was all started but it kinda a habit for me and Adrian to go to Singapore every December. Thereโ€™s no specific reason except we love the Christmas decoration that Singapore is offering.

Walking down at the Orchad road and the holidays season was just blooming magnificently. The road was merry with festive decoration. The malls are competing to show wonderful Christmas trees inside and outside their building. The road was full of Christmas song. I donโ€™t feel like in Asia except when I see the people around ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hahaha.

What was catched by my eyes was the Christmas tree in front of Ion mall. It is huge! We can even enter the tree. Year by year they always have the same big tree with different decoration. And inside the mall they played a soft tender Christmas music for the ears. Lovely!

Above is the Christmas Tree in front of Ion Mall this year (2013). Showing you this as a comparison for the decoration they have last year in 2012 (below).

As I was satisfied with Ion Mall, me and Adrian managed to walk down the road. It was a busy road! Full of people but still comfy for pedestrian. I saw smiles in many peopleโ€™s faces, I catched a festive spirit from the buzz. Joy is everywhere!

While noticing the people, suddenly, I heard loud vocies like vocal group or people in a big group singing. I searced for the sound and there was a hop-on-hop-off bus carried large numbers of people and they sang loudly! They toasted, they laughed, they were like asking all the pedestrion on Orchad road to celebrate life with them. Full of spirit. Me and Adrian exchanged smiles, well, this December is also a litte celebration for us ๐Ÿ˜‰

Me love December!
Me love December!

Sobat CE, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for you! ^_^

Little Trivia of Christmas in Singapore:

  1. Wear flat shoes to explore Orchad road. It is a loooong road :mrgreen: .
  2. Visit Orchad road at weekends. There are plenty street performance and they are enchanting.
  3. Preapare SGD 1 and try to buy the One Dollar ice cream. Itโ€™s actually an ordinary ice cream clamped with bread. Bith but the fun of queing, buying and eating it in the road will give you different sensation.
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  1. Loving the shinning gigantic christmas tree…….
    Merry christmas and happy holidays then kak!!!
    for me, the christmas warmth is as simply as a hillarious preparation right before we going to church on christmas morning……

  2. blm keturutan dtg ke sing pas desember-januari huhuhuhu.
    dan pernah baca jg, unt mall2 yg ada di orchard rd emg ada reward unt dekorasi terbaik tiap tahunnya. Makanya tiap mall mamerin seheboh mungkin dekor yg mreka pny, aaah pengen ah kapan2 kesini pas xmas

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