About Me

Proud Indonesian who fell in love to traveling after my dad took me and my siblings for a 500km road trip from Jakarta to Jogja. We stopped at any places we wanted to, took pictures, tried new food and found our own way of adventures. It was all started from there and I travel with my own style, ignoring travel trends and creating moments in every trips I went. I love to interact with people and found peace in every sunrise or sunset.

Rotorua New Zealand

I am a social media enthusiast (surely can not live without my gadgets :p), high-heels fans, Chocó addict as well as a culinary worshiper. Indonesian spicy food has always been my favorite along with authentic fruits like Durian, Snake-fruit and Jack-fruit. People said, love ‘em or hate ‘em and I am just a die hard fan!

Traveling on my spare time as a civil servant in government agency made me value every trip I go. Start blogging in 2009 as a way of sharing my thoughts. Holding a post graduate degree in Communication Management with concentrated study in Marketing Communication, I combine what I have  studied in school with my personal experience into a light yet full of information articles.


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