Bangkok Trip: Let the Holiday Begins in Wat Arun

Have you heard about prego weird wants like craving food or something? Well, I don’t quite believe on that thing until… Ummm… Until it happened to me! 😀 Hahaha. So in January, when I was 5 months pregnant I didn’t know why but I wanted to go to Thailand so bad. I informed Adrian about this and he immediately said NO. There was a massive demonstration at that time and one of the parties threaten to have 1 month strikes or something.

We finally made it to Thailand! ^_^
Despite of the demonstration We finally made it to Thailand few months after! ^_^

Ok, for safety reason then we decide to postpone the my so-called-craving-trip 😛 Two months after, I heard that the political situation was getting better and my wish of going to Thai haunted me again. I contacted Priska (Oh, you know Priska, I wrote about our meet up last time) who’s staying there and she assured me that Thailand people always have a peaceful demonstration. So, I booked the flight, hotel and taddaaa…. Let the holiday begins! ^_^

This is our room in King Royal Garden Inn Hotel. Although it is a bit old but it's clean, spacious and asy access to everywhere.
This is our room in King Royal Garden Inn Hotel. Although it is a bit old but it’s clean, spacious and asy access to everywhere.

Checking in around 3 pm at the hotel, I was all sweating. Geez, Bangkok is hotter than Jakarta. I felt like I was barbequed >.< As we weren’t familiar with the town, we decided to take a cab. A decision to regret as when we arrived in the hotel, it was just in front of a Bangkok Train Station (BTS). If we had taken the BTS, that surely would cut our budget! Hahaha.

Anyhow, me and Adrian started our leisure by visiting Wat Arun or famous by the nick name: Temple of Dawn. From our hotel to the temple we needed to take Tuk-tuk (a three-wheels local public transportation) to pier and take a water cab.

3 Wat ArunThe entrance ticket of Wat Arun is 50 bath/person and they open from 08.00 – 04.00 PM daily.

5 Wat ArunThe statue at the entrance. Wondering is it real gold?

Full of tourists

7a Wat Arun 7c Wat Arun Many people said that the view from the top of the temple is magnificent. Well, I should’ve gone up, but with the bump? I was happy to enjoy this temple from down here 😀

8 Wat Arun

??????????The sculpture in the temple are mostly from porcelain, still pretty though.

9b Wat Arun

You can rent the ornament for you to pose with traditional apparel of Thailand
You can rent the ornament for you to pose with traditional apparel of Thailand

While you are here, try on traditional clothes of Thai. There are people renting it outside the temple. Don’t forget to bargain. ^_^ It was a tough bargain at first, the person who rent it asked for 200 bath/person/clothes but as he saw that I am pregnant, he immediately gave me discount! Hahaha. Lucky me! So, for two costumes of me and Adrian, we only paid 150 bath.

Am I pretty enough to be Thai girl?
Am I pretty enough to be Thai girl?

Glad that I was able to enjoy this wonderful temple although too bad I couldn’t find any tour guide. I’d love to know more about the history of the temple though.

Anyway, pernah ke temple mana aja nih Sobat, CE?

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38 respons untuk ‘Bangkok Trip: Let the Holiday Begins in Wat Arun

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  1. Pedagang souvenir di Wat Arun rata-rata bisa bahasa indonesia loh. Dulu pas hamil 5 bulan juga ke sini, pas mau beli baju agak ragu dan bilang, “Mahal, ah.” ke suami. Eeeh tiba-tiba yang dagang bilang, “Tidak, tidak mahal. Ini murah.” 😀
    Jadi, ternyata di thailand itu udah terkenal kalo turis indonesia paling royal buat belanja, jadi banyak yang belajar bahasa indonesia buat tawar-menawar harga 😀

  2. Itu sempet2nya sewa kostum itu. hihihi.
    Seneng ya klo ngidam udah kesampeian. 😀
    Ditunggu kehadirannya ya dede bayi. Semoga diberikan kelancaran dan kesehatan untuk semuanya 🙂

  3. Kesampaian deh, kelihatan di foto pakai kostumnya, aura kebahagian terpancar.
    Jalan-jalan seru bareng dedek bayi, semoga lancar keluar dari perut mommi ya dek.

  4. mbak.. mau nanya dong:
    pasar wat arun itu bukanya jam brp ya klo pagi2..? rencananya saya mau ke wat arun dulu baru ke watpho n grandpalace… rencananya jam 8 udah disana.. cm takut pasarnya msh sepi..

    rencananya saya mau naik orange boat dr shatorn pier.. cm msh bingung apa ke grandpalace-watpho-wat arun atau sebaliknya… krn pulangnya saya mau ke asiatique

    mohon bantuannya

    1. Wat Arun buka dari pagi sekitar jam 8 udah ada kok 🙂 aku kemarin nggak mampir grandpalace jadi nggak bisa kasih saran. Tapi watpho ama wat arun mah seberang-seberangan doang. Bebas aja mana mau duluan.

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