Thailand Best Islands

Thailand is a magical country, and among the best tourist destinations presently in our world. It is made up of tens of equally fascinating islands that have so much to offer to you as the tourist. However, each island is different from the other and has a unique set of wonders to show you.

From Koh Phangan to Phuket, you can choose the island that you like best and enjoy your holiday there. Depending on the kind of recreational activities that you like, you can always find an island that suits these characteristics well. They include:

  1. The Koh Yao Islands

These are the best islands for you to visit if you have a thing for empty sands and adventures off-the-track. Despite being close to the lively Phuket islands, The Koh Yao twin islands are however conspicuously different from Phuket. They have fishing villages in the place of glitzy beach bars. There is not much for you to do or see, but this is their charm. Both the Koh Yao Yai and Noi are filled with rice paddies and rubber plantations which are crisscrossed by some dirty tracks as well as a few paved ones. You could rent a scooter and write around the islands to explore them or relax on your hammock while sipping some iced tea. Another spot that you could visit is the Rest Calm which is found in Noi’s Pradu. You may be lucky enough to spot a water buffalo, and you can also enjoy some fresh seafood. Between the two islands, Koh Yao Noi’s more developed despite being the smaller of the two.

  1. Koh Samui

If you have a family, are on your honeymoon or love yoga then Koh Samui is the best place for you. Koh Samui is Thailand’s original island. In previous years it was a favourite among ravers and backpackers because of its cheap huts, full moon parties and sensational beaches. However, it has since matured and improved with its elegant beach bungalows.

pic from koh samui dot com

It is now among the best luxury destinations in the world and has first-class spas in addition to the beautiful mansions. These qualities will make the destination much more enjoyable. If you are on your honeymoon, you could pick a very luxe hotel which may also come with good restaurants and fun beach clubs. If you are a first-timer in South-East Asia, you will get to feel more relaxed and safe with these comforts. Koh Samui is one of the very few destinations offering great yoga and spas. Kamalaya, which is set up inside the rainforest, is the ultimate wellness and spa centre. The beautifully designed lodges are built using stone and local timber. The design enables you to fee that you are part of nature which is a life-altering experience.

  1. Kho Phangan

This island is a hippies’ paradise. If parties make your holidayS enjoyable, then this is the island to visit. It is famous for its numerous full-moon parties making it most suitable for party junkies. During the peak season, it is not hard to see about twenty thousand visitors dancing and cavorting on the beautiful white sands under the glare of the full moon. If you fail to make it there during the full moon, there isn’t any reason to worry.

Parties are being thrown all the time, as well as action at the bars every other day. After enjoying your first party, you can rest under the palm trees as you receive some massages for your body. You can visit the Bottle Beach, which is a little secluded from many people yet very worthwhile. There are several spas spread across where you can go and have a whole day of some pampering.

  1. The Phuket Island

Last but absolutely not least is Phuket Island which is the best place to go if you are intending on living large. This glitzy island will offer you all the imaginable and unimaginable western conveniences. This is the island where you will find Celebrity-chef restaurants, first-class plastic surgery, six-star resorts and private butlers. It is the largest and busiest of all the islands that are found in Thailand. Although it has currently been flooded with package holidays which come with cheap accommodation too, it does have a diversion. The diversions are in the form of luxurious restaurants and designer boutiques. This island still houses many breathtaking beaches in the country, although some have been transformed into international resorts. By taking your holiday here, you will have so many memorable experiences to reflect to.

Phuket has always been my favourite island in Thailand with its white sandy beach and snorkling activity. I even did my babymoon here right before I went to labour.
  1. Koh Tao

This is the scuba-diving hub among all the islands, and if you are an avid scuba-diver, you need to explore this place. Also known as the Turtle Island, Koh Tao will cater for all your diving requirements. It is among the best places in the world to learn and compete in scuba diving. Even if you are not a diver, there is so much more for you to enjoy. The excellent nightlife and irresistible charm of the island will make you want to come back.

Thailand is a magical land. Visit one of these islands, or all of them to discover the hidden beauty of this land.

So, which island have you ever visited?

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