Overseas Kopdar (Meet Up)

When you are traveling, there’s that kind of comfort feeling if you meet a familiar face in a new place, moreover it is over a delicious authentic local Food. So, on some of my trips I met these wonderful people who has given me warm good feeling ^_^

Bangkok, April 2014

I met with Priska and Dnial, her hubby. They are actually a longtime friends from Jakarta. Both are Indonesian, Priska herself formerly worked in Gramedia Group and Dnial is that geek-you-girl-usually-admire :P. We met in one big mall and decided to eat ramen. We talked a lot and shared many things. I hafta thank Priska for she was the one who guided me with lots of info during my trip in Thailand. She was also the one who convinced me to come to Thailand despite of its political situation. And she was right, Bangkok was still friendly to the tourists although there were massive demonstration everywhere.

??????????Hope to meet you again, Priska and Danny! Happy to see you guys really enjoy the Elephant country :*

??????????Still in Bangkok, I also met with local Thai. Meet Siriwan Mena. She’s not a fellow blogger, I met her in Jakarta for the first time when I became her interpreter during her business trip. That was 2013. Shared many things over uber delicious Tom Yam Soup, we exchanged stories of our country, including the street food wander. Wan is a wonderful lady, full of excitement and very energetic. Love talking with her 😉

A lovely pouch I like so much :) I surely remember you whenever I use it ^_^
A lovely pouch I like so much 🙂 I surely remember you whenever I use it ^_^

And look, I get this from her ^_^ Thank you. Till we meet again pretty Wan!

Singapore, Des 2013

Udah ya nggak usah komen kenapa di foto kedua wajah saya keliatan ndud banget. Lagi hamil ituuu 😛

This is Nicholas but I feel more comfortable calling him Lambertz 😀 Had met him twice in Singapore. I often go to Sing but sometimes I’m afraid to disturb his busy schedule. Well, he’s on scholarship for his Phd now. Lambertz is a nice person. He often gives his unusual ideas during our meet-up and Adrian really gets along with him. One unique thing is although he lives years in Sing but once he talks in Bahasa Indonesia or Javanese, he will talk very ‘medok”. Hahaha. Anyway, thank you for your hospitality Lambertz! Next time we meet there’ll be Adrian junior 😉

Kuala Lumpur, 2011

Kopdar Malaysia

On my business trip to Malaysia I met with Anazkia. One active blogger with plenty positive activities and ideas. Now she involves in Blogger Hibah Sejuta Buku to support readings to the society. And after that meet up in KL, we met again in Indonesia several times. Always happy to hear her talking. Full of spirit and positive energy :*


At the end, being a blogger is amazing. The friendship broaden our mind, its spirit warms the heart. Looking forward to meeting another fellow bloggers on my future trips! Oh, and when you are in Jakarta, feel free to contact me. If by chance the schedule is suitable I will be more than happy to meet you! ^_^

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  1. Itu yang di Singapore itu pacar-able lho..
    Jadi kalau ada cewek katolik yang nyari suami setia Maridjo bisa jadi pilihan lho.
    *malah promo temen sendiri*
    *ditoyor Eka*

  2. Huehuehuehue thanks for visiting Mbak Eka, being overseas means I don’t get a lot of chances to meet fellow Indonesian bloggers. 😛

    he’s on scholarship for his Phd now

    Err…I haven’t been on scholarship anymore for two years…that’s why I work here. 😛

  3. Ahhh.. iya bener, the art of blogging and having blogger friends all around the world. Giliran kita mau travelling, ada yang nungguin disana. Bisa punya city guide hratis pastinya haha.

    Salam kenal yaaa 🙂

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