Visiting Wat Pho Reclining Budha

Thailand has always been famous for their temples. One of them is Wat Pho or popular by the name Reclining Buddha. This is one of th oldest and biggest temple in this Elephant Country. Anyway, after having fun dressing like a Thai Girl in Wat Arun, me and Adrian cruised the Chao Phraya River with 3 Bath ticket to Wat Pho that located in Rattanakosin district. Not far from Grand Palace.

??????????The Wat Pho entrance. Looks mighty.

Wat Pho Bangkok 4b

Wat Pho Bangkok 5a

Wat Pho Bangkok 5bPosing with hubby. Guess I can call this trip as a Baby Moon :mrgreen: Hahaha.

Wat Pho Bangkok 7Reclining Buddha. This is huge! 15 m high and 43 m long!


Wat Pho Bangkok 8Look how tiny I am compare to the Reclining Buddha.

Wat Pho Bangkok 6

People are praying facing these.

Wat Pho Bangkok 4cIt is quite huge temple area with shady trees. The temple is pretty with its unique architecture and gold and red dominant color. I saw some people were praying and few monks were walking by. Such a peaceful view. I tried to walk down all the area but finally gave up 😀 Well, I’m carrying two bodies here!

Mamy to Go ShoesBtw, during this Bangkok Trip, I am wearing Santorini Black by Flats for Jade for my footwear. They are comfort for the pregnant woman who’s gaining weight and need soft shoes. Bought these online at Mamy to Go – an online nursing wear store. I’m a regular there, often bought shoes, nursing apron or nursing clothes. Love the fast response and friendly service provided by them 🙂

Wat Pho Bangkok 12Dunno why, you will find plenty cats on the fort. They seemed friendly though 😉

Wat Pho opens every day from 08.00 AM – 06.00 PM

Tickets for visitor: 100 Bath/person and you will get a free drinking water.

Have a wonderful day, Sobat CE! Any plans for this weekend?

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11 Balasan ke Visiting Wat Pho Reclining Budha

  1. made gelgel berkata:

    nice trip, how much cost did you spend?
    (bener gak gitu hehe)

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  3. Lidya berkata:

    mba eka keren nih hamil2 kuat jalan2 ya. Seneng lihatnya

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  9. nba即時比分 berkata:

    Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.

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