Things to See and Do to Experience Jakarta

Well, I suppose to write about my Bangkok Trip’s continuation now. Yet, as today is the anniversary of Jakarta then I decided to write about how to enjoy Jakarta, get true experience and what kind of things you can see and do in this capital city of Indonesia. And before I forget, Happy 487th Anniversary Jakartaaaa! ^_^ My love and hate J-Town 😛

So, let’s we get started. Things to See and Do to Experience Jakarta :

Visit National Monument a.k.a MONAS

MonasThis is a kind of Jakarta’s landmark, located right in the heart of Jakarta. Easy access to be here and it is free if you go around the park. But you need to pay more if you want to go upstairs and see Jakarta from the skyline. I need to warn you, the que is killing the feet ;). Btw if you come at night, this landmark will be more attractive with all the colorful lights.

Istiqlal Mosque and Cathedral Church

Cathedral on the left and Istiqlal Mosque on the right and down.

Not really far from Monas, you can see these two worship places. What made it unique is that Istiqlal Mosque and Cathedral Church are built side by side and the architect of the mosque is Christian 😉 Pssst the Istiqlal Mosque is the biggest mosque in South East Countries.

Inside of Istiqlal Mosque. There is a huge ‘bedug’.

Visit Jakarta Old Town (Kota Tua)

Of of the site in Kota Tua Jakarta: Museum Fatahillah.
One of the site in Kota Tua Jakarta: Museum Fatahillah.

One of my favorite place. Here you can see the old Jakarta (formerly known as Batavia) with its preserved buildings and even the antique bicycles. Make sure you visit Museum Fatahillah, Sunda Kelapa Harbour and Museum Bank Mandiri and hire a guide so you’ll have a complete story of the places.

Museum Trip

Jakarta has many museums that suit your interest. There is Textile museum, National Museum, Museum Satria Mandala (Armed Forced Museum), Kite Museum of Jakarta or if you are fond of puppets you can go to Museum Wayang.

Malls Hopping

Geez, dunno why, the Jakartans love malls so much 😛 You can find mall in even every corner of Jakarta 😛 My recommendation would be Grand Indonesia, Senayan City, Mall Kelapa Gading and Mall Pondok Indah. From the designer label until the unknown designers are here. Choose whatever you want. And inside the mall usually there will be food court. If you get difficulty to eat Indonesian food then just name what you are craving for. We have it here! We have all kinds of food from around the world! ^_^

Enjoy Local Food at Street Vendors

Eating in the mall is surely convenient but you haven’t experienced the Jakarta’s real food if you haven’t tried to eat at the street vendors with all the sweat (for no AC) and crowded people. Blok S is one I recommend or you can just go to JCC area, they have street vendors’ food lining up there. Food from the east up to the western part of Indonesia all are here. Try Sate padang and Rendang also Gudeg and Meatball. They are authentic! 😛

Thousand Islands

If you have spare time about two days, go snorkeling or diving in Thousands Islands. It is just 3 hours sail but the underwater view surely is breathtaking. Trust me! Cut my ears if you don’t like it 😉 Hihihi.

Things that you should remember that Indonesian landmark or museum are following the Dutch system (as we were colonized by them) so many are closed on Monday. Arrange your visit so you won’t get disappointed 😉

So, are you ready to explore Jakarta?


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  1. Banyak yang bisa dikunjungi di Jakarta ya. Kota Tua baru cuma lewat doang, Kepulauan Seribu masih rencana, tetapi sedikit terbayar rasa penasarannya dari foto-foto cantik disini.

  2. Wah nyesel gila aku eka knapa waktu kerja di jakarta ngak pernah ke tempat tempat di atas malah cuma lewat terus jalan jalanya ke mall aja, sekarang baru nyeselnya 😦

  3. Nyaris 40 tahun tinggal dan bertumbuh di Jakarta, seberapa pun ribetnya Jakarta sekarang ini, tempat yang aku rasa nyaman (mungkin karena nyaris kenal tiap sudutnya) salah satunya adalah Jakarta :))

  4. Ahhh bikin tambah kangen jakarta. Kyanya sejauh apapun kaki melangkah, jakarta akan tetap jadi rumah dan dirindu.
    Selamat ultah jakarta!

  5. 2 hari gegap gempita perayaan HUT jakarta dan sayah tidur doang dikost.. Padahal dah daftar funwalk di kota tua.. 😦 Body tetiba drop. Sedih liat foto2 aja,..huhuh

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