Reasons Why I Love Dining at Nook Bali

One place I love to visit while in Bali is Nook. This dominant white restaurant in Canggu (which recently happened to be fave choice of bule for long stay) has captivated my heart. The wooden interior with natural brown touch here and there brings the homey feeling.  And obviously sitting on the bench or the sofa with green padi rice field view has increased my dopamine and serotonin hormone; makes me happier.

Oh and I love the friendlines showed by the waiters. When I was looking at the menu, I noticed how they serve other customers; casual but of course with polite manner. Yet, it’s all different with me. After one or two lines talking, all that formality crumbles. They’d just just being them with soft voice, gestures and laughed freely. I just love the way they address me and how I directly feel connected with them. I love that kind of authenticity. Too many fake people to handle and having people comfortable on their own skin without having the need to hide their true self is gold.

The food

About the food itself, Nook has various options from healthy one to those that can make me smile ear to ear. It was 10 AM, Bali was super humid and hot so I was looking for something cool to freshen up myself.

“Is it too early for cocktails?” I once asked on my last visit there and the waiter reply was…

“Nothing is too early for anything in Bali, Darling. Go pick something for yourself here and enjoy it.”

And we both burst into laugh afterwards. See, how cute the waiters were, right? So here are some menus that I recommended for you guys to try in Nook (taken from my multiple visits there). Delish!

The Black Burger is the chef’s menu here and also my fave!
Nook’s Bali signature. These healthy oats are of course a must try. Various topping and fulfilling.
Another healthy choice to try
Nasi Campur Bali, adjusted flavor so the spice won’t be too bold. I’d recommend this to my foreign friends but not to Indonesian who loves strong seasoning.
Can’t get wrong ordering this Carbonara
Easy bites, happy go lucky dine with friends in Nook, Canggu, Bali.

No need to talk about the price. They’re quite above average but I love the ambience both from the restaurant and the service so I don’t mind paying extra.

If it is safe to travel again, if you happen to be in Bali, come and visit Nook my fave place and you’ll experience this yourself.

Have a good Sunday!

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  1. Ini juga resto favoritkuuuu tiap kali outing Ama kantor dulu, pasti makan di nook ;). Sukaaa Ama menu2nya, yg besaaaar dan ngenyangin, banyak dan sehat juga. Hrg sebanding sih Ama rasa dan kualitas. Apalagi tempatnya juga cantiiik ya mba :).

    Kalo udh bisa ke Bali lagi, aku pasti ajakin suami dan anak2 utk makan di sana :D.

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