What Book Are You Reading Now?

Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood. –John Green

Have you ever read a book and suddenly in the middle of the pages you shouted… “Hey, it’s soo me! Wow, this can’t be any truer! How come this book really represents what I think?” Those shouts I made when I read a unique book from of a friend of mine; DindaJou.

All you need is love! -The Beatles-

All you need is love! -The Beatles-

This ain’t just a book but a photobook. Reading it slowly by opening page by page, trying to get into the soul of the pictures and the captions, I found the book is entertaining both to the eyes and the souls. What I found it amazing is that these are single pics but then Dinda was able to put it like a series of stories. The pics are so pretty, sharp in colours and give me different perspectives as they were shot in a unique angle. I feel like reading a deeply madly in love letter with objects to represent the feeling. So intimate.

An intimate love letter. Psst this is taken with iphone too ;)

An intimate love letter. Psst I took this book with an iphone too 😉

And if you think that the author used a state-to-the-art camera, well, you’re just as wrong as I am. The pics were taken using iPhone only! Best read when you are alone or in a plane going to travel somewhere. I bet it will inspire you! Geez… I can’t say no more, just read it by yourself. Contact DindaJou here to order or to give it as a present to newlyweds or those who celebrate anniversaries. It softens the heart and seemed like my soul blooms with lotta love when reading it.


Anw, what book are you reading now?


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23 Balasan ke What Book Are You Reading Now?

  1. lovelyristin berkata:

    i’m reading the recipe book about cookies, or how to cook sambal teri tempe.. haha.. #standar 😀

  2. donna berkata:

    mengingatkan aku buku Rectoverso-nya Dee Lestari. Ilustrasi gambarnya keren, ceritanya ringan tapi dalam, dan dapat chemistry-nya di aku

  3. Rifqy Faiza Rahman berkata:

    Well, I’m reading The Alchemyst by Paulo Coelho right now, after finished Gelombang by Dee and Titik Nol by Agustinus Wibowo 🙂

    • Ceritaeka berkata:

      I finished reading tyhe Alchemyst about ten years ago. And I haven’t got time to read Titik Nol though I bought the book almost two years ago. Geeeez….

  4. Gara berkata:

    Reading a photobook, for me, is like throwing two birds with one stone–we can feel the story from the arrangement of those alphabets and we could feel and dream the story by seeing the pictures accompanied it. Great book!
    As for now, I don’t in a process ib reading a book, just finished the Isaac Groneman’s journal about Parambanan and I think I need a break, just for a while :)).

  5. Aad berkata:

    In the middle of Gladwell’s Outliers

  6. buku yg dibaca skrg fathul mu’in

  7. mostly about food and dentistry….

  8. prima hapsari berkata:

    Baru aja selesai baca bukunya Daun yg jatuhnya Tere Liye ama simple miraclenya Ayu Utami mbak, tertarik ama cerita Ayu Utami tentang arwah dan doa, pemahaman saya sama ama pengalaman pribadi Ayu Utami, klo saya mah ga bisa liat, tp dr cerita suami yg bisa liat dunia lain tak kira boongan ternyata mirip ama isi buku Mbak Ayu

  9. Sandra berkata:

    keren bukunya, sayang pas kemaren ke gramed ngga liat buku iniiih…
    Buku yang aku baca sekarang? Cinders – A Chicken Cinderella XD bukunya Raya yang doyan banget sama Ayam, jadi cinderellanya berbentuk ayam hihihihi

  10. seragamkaosjaet berkata:

    buku adalah jendela dunia , yuk …budayakan senang membaca,

  11. I am reading an old book titled “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”. Read half of it couple years ago then I forgot to continue.

  12. Pypy berkata:

    Lagi ga lagi baca buku apapun..huhuu.. PAdahal bnyk novel masih tersampul indah..

  13. Erress berkata:

    Saya suka baca buku tentang pengembangan diri sehingga kita bisa selalu belajar untuk berkembang setiap saat…

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