Love at Bira Island

When I was 23 years old, I told my self that I wanna be with a guy who is tall, athletic, has a good job with a sweet smile and nice butt! Oh yeah nice butt has always been an issue. :mrgreen:

But when I am reaching particular point, that things I thought really matters when I was young, simply don’t matters anymore.

What make me happy now, ain’t a handsome hubby with a good gigs. Nor a good looking man with muscle. It’s all changed. what make me smile is simply the ability to have togetherness moment where we can sit on the couch having endless talk almost about everything. That simple.

Yeah, I know… I’m getting old 😅
But at certain age wouldn’t it that we want?


Walking down the path, hand in hand in this strangely beautiful world. God, I am glad that I have found a true friend, my better half …. Not the one that I can live with but the one that I can’t live without 🙂

Thank you Nuuii for this beautiful picture 😉 Taken on our last vacation to Bira Island last October.


Have a beautiful Sunday, Sobat CE and enjoy the days with your loved ones! ^_^

God Bless!

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  1. Mudah2an akan segera terwujud, hidup Eka tidak hanya berdua saja… bertiga, berempat kalau perlu buat kesebelasan hehehe… co cuit deh cerita liburannya… udah tua ya? kirain beda tipis ama saya yg masih 17 lewat dikit…

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