About a Dream

3 nightmares in 1 nite
That is unusual
The demon crawls out from the dark n it hell scares me out

So this is how it is
I am haunted by the past as well as the present
The fact of imagination keeps warning me
I cannot behold your name without guilt or fear

3 nightmares in 1 nite
Crying for the sad melody played in my dream
What is the choice then?
This conscious killing my fantasy bit by bit

3 nightmares in 1 nite
Restless mind dump me to the ground
You hug me tight till dawn n that’s enough to calm me down

Oh, how I like your tender arms, my perfect hiding place. Wake me up and hug me more…

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  1. uedan… endi mau kamus’e… opo kuwi ‘demon’, ‘crawls out’? nah iki ‘conscious’ sih opo meneh?

    Satu lagi bentuk cintanya mas adrian ya….

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