In Time (The Missing Pearl)

I had got a set of lovely earrings which I liked very much. They were pearls, with their round shape and amazing ivory colour, the pearls had won my heart. Further,  they were not just an ordinary earrings for me, they had a certain historic value beneath. I bought the pearls in Mataram… Nooo… it wasn’t because where I have bought them but where the money come from which make them valuable. I bought the pearl with my 1st salary. I was as proud of it as they were my 1st belonging I had by my own money.

Every time I wore those pearls, I felt prettier, the pearls were sparkling beautifully, I thought that made me feel prettier as well. Kinda silly huh :p However, one day I lost one of the earrings. I lost it just a week after I moved to my new office. I was actually very sad at that time but the job’s burden erased my sadness and slowly I had forgotten the missing pearl (I still kept the other half of the earrings though). Anyway… though I was busy learning lots of exciting matters, every time I remember my missing pearl, I was overwhelmed with an enormous sadness feeling.

Days passed by, and then by chance I cleaned the car by myself (I usually had someone to do it, my hubby of course :p he’s the willingly slave for this case hahaha) But that day there was some kind of eagerness to clean it with my own hand. As I started to dust the passengers’ seat, my eyes were attracted to an ivory colours thing with a round shape. As I lifted it up….. My heart beat very fast.. OH my GOD…!!! I have found my pearl… Hoooolllyyy cooow !!! I saw my tiny missing pearl on my palm… Geee I was so excited so I jumped and shouted at the same time…. and made my hubby yelled at me hihihihi …. bad habit…. Hubby shouted angrily… BEHAVE girl huahhahaha… Forget about the behaviour hon…. I have found my pearl… !!!

U might laugh at me if u had seen my attitude. As for an earring I acted like a have found a treasure box. But… heeyyy… this earring had tied my feeling up with its historical story. A week after, I went to church. I heard the preacher said that the church needed money for its mission. ooohh boooy… how I wanna engaged to this mission but I didn’t bring any cash at that time. I was thinking while my hand was busy tidying up my hair and accidentally I touched my ear… and the pearl…. I took a deep breath and happily I brought the earrings to the Altar :). Well… Now I know why I have found it after six months…

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  1. I understand why you behave like that …

    This is your first monumental valuable things bought by your own money … Your blood … your sweat … your energy …

    So … the earrings still belong to you …
    worthed for you …

    Shakehand me …
    (Salam saya)
    .-= nh18´s last blog ..SIOMAY =-.

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