The Top Four Tips to Consider Before Buying a House

Anyone who is considering buying a home at any time or anywhere will have a lot of items to consider. However, when most people are considering the factors of purchasing a home, they focus too much on the structure and other physical aspects of the deal without considering the process of home buying in general. If you want to be able to not only walk away from a closing feeling confident but also know you made the right decision months and even years later, consider these options.

Tips to Buy a house

Is the Decision Financial, Functional, or Both?

Individuals who consider buying a home are more likely to think of their decision as either a functional decision or a financial decision. Hopefully, you come to think of it as some elements of both. By thinking of a functional decision, you can rationalize the costs you will pay by understanding it makes more sense to pay off your own mortgage than someone else’s (what happens when you rent). However, if you think of it only as a necessary cost that you will pay regardless, you could easily wind up “overpaying,” because you will get use out of your home.

On the other hand, if you view the purchase solely as a financial one, you could easily wind up buying a home that doesn’t suit your needs solely because you think it is undervalued. Living in a neighborhood that is sure to grow means you could absolutely build some equity in no time. That being said, if you can’t see yourself living in the house comfortably for one reason or another, you are sacrificing comfort and livelihood for a few extra bucks.

Does it Add or Remove Stress?

Many people think of buying a home for the first time and what comes to mind is every amenity imaginable. However, what you also need to keep in mind is that all of those amenities from square footage to floors to architecture and etc. all cost money. If your home is supposed to be your domain to relax and recharge, can you really do that if you are busy picking up a second job or overtime hours just to make ends meet? Furthermore, if you are trying to move into a big and fancy neighborhood just to keep up with the proverbial Jones’ then can you shed the stress and relax or are you actually adding more stress just to have a house that is bigger than you need? Home buying can be stressful enough before you’ve even sent in the first monthly payment. The best strategy may be to look into cheap houses in Bandung on real estate websites like Rumah and be able to see where you can find the right house for the right price.

Does this Plant Roots or Chains?

Think about whether your decision is to help you plant roots that align with your future plans, or if it is actually holding you back from your anticipated future. If you get “chained,” by the way, this could be that you are chained to a specific area, a neighborhood, a specific job as a result of needing to pay a mortgage due to the cash flows. Committing to a fifteen, twenty or even a thirty-year mortgage (if not more) can actually mean you need to make major changes to have your life and future mesh with your financial decisions. Think about if buying in a given area helps you get to where you want to be or if it actually holds you down instead of allowing you to be flexible down the line.

Can You Do It Yourself?

Finally, another extremely important note to consider is you need to understand your abilities and you need to know when you don’t know something. Having the professional help to cover the gaps in your knowledge is essential. Realtors, home inspectors, decorators, handymen for renovations, and etc. are all important people you should consider bringing in because they can help you from making a big mistake far before you have thrown thousands of dollars at a home. And, while some people love the do it yourself motto, if you don’t know what you are doing you need to have a professional on your side. Don’t even risk blowing thousands of dollars to save a hundred and do it right by having the professionals guide you.

While it is absolutely important to think about your home as your place of comfort and you need to make sure you love where you live, just make sure you aren’t setting yourself up for more than you can deal with down the line just because you wanted to have something now. Go for the long-term strategy and make sure you consider the process as well as the home itself. If it all fits together and you can secure the right home for the right price at the right time, you have a much better chance of being truly happy.

Happy house hunting!

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  1. I suppose many people bought a house because they need to have something of their own. And yes it’s true, realtors can help us a lot in choosing house. Maybe their service is pricy but unless we are sure we can do it ourselves, then their help is what we need first.

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