What Romantics Things Can I do for my Man?

Well.. That’s a tough question as everybody has their own parameter on what romance is. Though Valentine has passed its time looooong ago but doesn’t mean we can’t keep the love in the air right? 😉 and if you are clueless on what romantic things you can do for your man, then you might like these hints which I usually do:

1. A gentle kiss every morning. Not all of us consider a gentle kiss worth a lot. But believe me, you’ll like it since there is no lust beneath. Pure and sincere… Lovely right?

2. Love Coupons. Every single deed he has done with more effort (in my opinion) I gave my man a coupon which said: You’ve got 30’ free massage, I’ll drive you to the office, U’ve got a hundred kisses, or even u can write something flirting e.g. u can tap my but, u can kiss me wherever u want it and many more (For sure I can’t write all the naughty coupons I have had right  😛 Anw  you can add whatever you want it for further naughty ideas  :mrgreen: hahahha.

Photobucket3. Made him pudding. Cooking, whatever the food is… errr…. Cooking is actually a blend of 3 things: Love, patient and style. I love my man thus I let my self busy by cooking something for him. And it is also needs patient, starts from being patient in preparing the utensil, mixing up the ingredients and of course the cooking process it self ! The last blend is style… yeah… cooking really needs sense of style. I shape my pudding, doesn’t it need a sense of styling right? I also decorate my pudding. Cooking.. cooking… heeem the cooking activity itself is romantic moreover the pudding especially if I make the heart shape.


Something in ur eyes...

4. Gazing through his eyes. Huahhaha it sound cliché huh, but try to do it with a little different way and I bet you will find passionate atmosphere around. I ever did this. As a starter I played a light jazz music then I held his hand and afterwards I began to gaze through his eyes. None of us said a word. Just music, our holding hands and two souls met, searching through each others eyes. Sweeet and tender !! Note. Turn off  the mobile, so no one will disturb you.

5. Belly Tickling. I use this whenever I am in the mood of doing some activities while he is just would like to sit still or watching his fave cartoon mpvie. Hehehe, it’s a kind of pleasure I got as after tickling he will get up and tickle me back… sooo I finally got him do some activities. I wooon… Horrraayyyy.

6. Preparing a dinner. I always want a dinner near by a quiet shore with a cool breeze and a dim light. No music, No lamp, let the wave becomes our music and let the moon becomes our lights…. Aaaand done that on our honeymoon 😉

7. An evening just 4 us. Bought a sexy lingerie, black would be the best and I’ll have my self do an erotic dance (just like the striptease in a pub). Can you imagine that wild, sweating and tiring night ? Woops after some thoughts, better don’t image that ok? 😛


8. Floating together. After an exhausting working day and a tiring traffic, I might say floating in a bath up would be a release. Don’t forget to use aromatherapy soap and a warm water… You got the relax ambience from the warm water and you got the hot time with  your  man. Uuuuuh cozy !

Well I consider those as romantic but perhaps you see it as a common thing or even worthless. Anyhow being together with ur man would always be romantic as long as u’re not in an argument with him… True? :mrgreen:

What’s your romantic things ? 😉

Note: Some tips should be done after exchanging vows :p hehehe


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91 Balasan ke What Romantics Things Can I do for my Man?

  1. masnur berkata:

    Wowww…U have high imagine mbak Eka……..
    And the wildest imagine is in the ponit 7.
    Imagine is a mix of romantic, wild and cool thing in the complicated formula, hehe…….
    .-= masnur´s last blog ..Hanoman dan Sun Go Kong =-.

  2. Gandi Wibowo berkata:

    Mba… 😥 😥
    Cape Gw baca tulisan kali ini, dengan sebuah program kamus selalu aktif… Just like i said “my english is not good enough” 😥 😥 .

    BTW Gw setuju kalo masakan itu paduan dari cinta, kesabaran ama gaya.. Semoga Istri Gw nanti bisa masak..

    ini trik buat yg udah nikah kan?
    .-= Gandi Wibowo´s last blog ..Appear Offline pada Facebook Chat =-.

  3. Indah berkata:

    Aayy.. Ekaa.. you’re romantic 😉
    .-= Indah´s last blog ..The Glow =-.

  4. suryaden berkata:

    memang harus dijaga tuh… sekuatnya 😀
    .-= suryaden´s last blog ..bridge over troubled water =-.

  5. elmubharok berkata:

    waduwh jd bingung harus komen apa?? 😯 .. pengalmn orng dewasa negh.. 😀
    tp lmyn baca pengalmnnya mbak eka, itung-itung silaturahmi d pagi hari
    .-= elmubharok´s last blog ..Software Pembersih Wajah =-.

  6. DV berkata:

    Slurpppp…. narsis is da best! 🙂 Xixixixixii!

  7. arman berkata:

    love coupons udah mencakup semua dah.. hahaha. 😀
    kadang bahkan cuma tiduran sambil ngobrol2 juga bisa romantis ya… atau cuma nonton tv sambil pelukan… atau jalan2 sore sambil gandengan… 🙂
    .-= arman´s last blog ..About Andrew Part 1: The Beginning =-.

  8. lilliperry berkata:

    mbak eka romantis.. hehehe
    .-= lilliperry´s last blog ..Masa =-.

  9. dela berkata:

    nice idea…
    hahaha.. 🙂
    .-= dela´s last blog ..nighty milky =-.

  10. Ria berkata:

    haduhhhhh…gak bisa di translate pake google translate kata2nya jadi aneh 😳

    btw…dari semua tips2 diatas kayaknya blom bisa gw lakuin semua tuh…hihihihihi kecuali gw mo bikin yg diluar kebiasaan…hihihih 😆
    .-= Ria´s last blog ..Kijang, Rusa dan Tanduk vs Mobil =-.

  11. henny berkata:

    it works ya mbak? boleh juga ditiru nih
    .-= henny´s last blog ..Need Help =-.

  12. Sari Ajah berkata:

    mbak ekaaaa..
    so sweet… 😡

    karna statusku masih single and available..
    belom bisa praktek de :p

  13. risdania berkata:

    aduuuwh so sweet..ntar klo uda nikah moga-moga bisa romantisan terus kaya gni,,hehehe 😉
    .-= risdania´s last blog ..Menjadi Miyabi =-.

  14. Er berkata:

    Cannot answer the question, since I haven’t done the vow exchange…

    *bookmark for-future use* 😀
    .-= Er´s last blog ..Hal yang perlu diingat kalau gw jadi penjahat =-.

  15. Nyubi berkata:

    waw.. speechlesss :)) thx the articles
    .-= Nyubi´s last blog ..How facebook Are You? =-.

  16. linduaji berkata:

    waduh…apa ya?
    mmm…bingung aku…ashhh embuhkah. 🙂
    .-= linduaji´s last blog ..write and share : petikan novel gagal(2) =-.

  17. muhamaze berkata:

    wow… memang dengan cinta segalanya terasa indah dan ajaib…

    gambar2nya keren mbak..

  18. anny berkata:

    Eda, you are the best woman, the best wife that i know 😉
    .-= anny´s last blog ..Sikap dalam Berbisnis =-.

  19. zam berkata:

    eh, cuaca hari ini cerah sekali, ya?

    .-= zam´s last blog ..Mari Dukung jengjeng matriphe! Sebagai Blog Perjalanan dan Pariwisata Favorit =-.

  20. randu berkata:

    Waduh belepotan kamus saya baca posting ini…
    Terus terang Mbak Eka yang cantik, saya hingga sekarang masih belum terlalu paham dengan itu hal-hal romantis…
    mungkin karena belum ada yang mau ngajarin yah ?

  21. wi3nd berkata:

    cuma senyum senyum bacana**suale belum n9erti ban9ed..
    but its nice,and maybe can be practise when the time come 🙂

    .-= wi3nd´s last blog ..~ j 4 L u ~ =-.

  22. suwung berkata:

    kira kira kesimpulanya apa ya?

  23. Pakde berkata:

    wooow… I think… Romance is an emotion of the heart, and it gives a new outlook to life. It makes one feel good. It makes one feel in heaven. a person in romance needs nothing more than his/her beloved. That is romance!

    I remember my pet’s name, we call it ROMANTIC in sundanense we call ROHMAN. hahaha gendeng mode on…
    .-= Pakde´s last blog ..Ranah Minang Negeri Seribu Satu Cerita =-.

  24. jensen99 berkata:

    Mm.. I’d love when my girl stand/sit next to me, or before me, then stroking my hair lightly… :mrgreen:

  25. gdenarayana berkata:

    wah ini kayanya mau ultah pernikahannya ya mba? 😀

    makane jadi romance gini postnya.. uhuyyy special :mrgreen:

    semoga langgeng ya mba 😉

  26. titiw berkata:

    Duh mbak.. kamu ganti2 template mulu.. kali ini aku pushing bacanya item2 ginih.. *piissss*

    romantic things I’ve done with my man? Go biking together.. playing basketball together.. traveling together.. play some pool also together.. Humm.. yeah, you can call me sporty couple, people! Hyeheheh..

  27. ikkyu_san berkata:

    and…. enjoy it a.s.a.p.
    before the atmosphere ruin by babies 😉

    cocoknya emang bua pengantin baru aja tuh 😛
    .-= ikkyu_san´s last blog ..Cita-cita =-.

  28. Omiyan berkata:

    ssstt sekarang hampir tiap malam lho “doi” minta hahahahha cape deh
    .-= Omiyan´s last blog ..Perjalanan dari Sebuah Pilihan Hidup =-.

  29. lina berkata:

    boleh dicoba semua ni mbak…, tips oke 😉
    .-= lina´s last blog ..Episode Bersyukur =-.

  30. Berry Devanda berkata:

    wow, so romantic…
    wanna get married soon… :mrgreen:
    .-= Berry Devanda´s last blog ..Penerapan Sistem Kredit Semester (SKS) Di Sekolah =-.

  31. Aribicara berkata:

    I can’t comment for this post 😀

  32. ami berkata:

    bener mba imelda deh. begitu ada baby, horaaayyyy :mrgreen:
    .-= ami´s last blog ..Rumah idaman =-.

  33. belajar blog berkata:

    well…it’s really something sweet
    you must be very romantic woman who loves his man deeply
    .-= belajar blog´s last blog ..Tips Dapat Duit dari Internet =-.

  34. I like the cooking options. Love, patient and style. It doesn’t even matter about the taste. It’s all about love
    .-= Action Figure Toy´s last blog ..Indonesian Action Figure =-.

  35. Yessi berkata:

    hmmm..jadi pengen merit gw…wekekkekeke… 😉
    .-= Yessi´s last blog ..4 Tahun Loenpia[dot]net (ngeri thok nda!! cinta po ra?) =-.

  36. nh18 berkata:

    My Romantic Things ?

    Simple …
    Smile … from the bottom of your hearth …

    Saat suka … saat duka
    saat saya salah … saat dia salah …

    Salam saya
    .-= nh18´s last blog ..SPEKULASI =-.

  37. yoan berkata:

    romantic things?
    the only thing I can do (that I consider as a romantic thing) is write poems… *sigh…*
    .-= yoan´s last blog ..Protected: Megatruh =-.

  38. iyoong berkata:

    hopefully i got someone who love me like your posting that..

    nice info sis… 😉
    .-= iyoong´s last blog ..Why Our Facebook Accounts Will Be Bannned ?? =-.

  39. Joko Setiawan berkata:

    Aku sedang bersedih hati 😦
    .-= Joko Setiawan´s last blog ..AKHIRNYA….AKU MENDAPATKAN JAWABANNYA =-.

  40. AtA chan berkata:

    Hai mbak’E ku mampir nih..
    Tipsnya oke nih gak kalah sama yg dimajalah 🙂

  41. Afdhal Panjaitan berkata:

    masih kurang erotis dikit eka..
    ayo ditambahi…
    .-= Afdhal Panjaitan´s last blog ..Titipan Dari Pemilik Blog =-.

  42. anderson berkata:

    Huaa… sis, you forget to write a disclaimer on your first paragraph: “This Post is available for age 21 and up, or married person. Any other uses of the following tips are beyond our responsibility.” hehehe…

    Nice tips, Sis… and worth trying 😀
    .-= anderson´s last blog ..Prospek Pembiayaan Kopi Luwak =-.

  43. anderson berkata:

    Huaa… sis, you forget to write a disclaimer on your first paragraph: “This Post is available for age 21 and up, or married person. Any other uses of the following tips are beyond our responsibility.” hehehe…

    Nice tips, Sis… and worth trying 😀

  44. Aurora berkata:

    Good tips, Of course.
    Tapi saya tak punya pasangan nih kak…
    Mungkin musti ada artikel khusus bwt blogger jomblo nih, di blog CE ini nih…

  45. kucrit berkata:

    waduh.. gak terlalu mudeng.. aku..
    .-= kucrit´s last blog ..Download Total Video Converter Portable =-.

  46. idana berkata:

    hoho romantic…
    tapi ngak bole di praktekin…jangaaan…belom boleh hehehehe 😀
    .-= idana´s last blog ..award – award =-.

  47. gwgw berkata:

    bikin puding,nyiapin makan, make sexy lingerie sambil bokongnya megal-megol genit …trus ditambah musik romantis seperti bosas ….sambil dansa ….sembari ketawa-2 kecil bercerita nostalgia…
    ehm…sangat menggoda banget mbak !

  48. Zippy berkata:

    Duh, kayak’x saya belum bisa ngerasaain sekarang deh mbak… 😀
    Belom ada pasangan alias istri, xixixiix…
    Jadi ya, bakal bingung mw nyium sapa tiap pagi, wkwkwkkw…
    Kalo soal mandi bersama2, mauuu…..
    Mau berendam bareng tuh, pake aroma terapi lagi, kyakakakaa… 😀
    .-= Zippy´s last blog ..Streples dan Strepsils Bersaudara =-.

  49. elmoudy berkata:

    weiitzzz… sangat perhatian ama Yang tersayang
    tipe perempuan yang slalu menghadirkan hal baru
    dalam setiap momen yg pas
    tuk dikenang
    membekas … dalaam
    .-= elmoudy´s last blog ..Kamu aku adalaaahh…… =-.

  50. kumenulis berkata:

    what a great idea 🙂 , really worth a try.
    salam kenal…
    .-= kumenulis´s last blog ..Cemburu Pertama-ku =-.

  51. mandor tempe berkata:

    ini postingan pake boso linggis
    I haven’t any linggis anymore.

  52. Si kurus berkata:

    weks.. ayo para wanita2. manjakan pasangan kalian dengan tips diatas. Mantap tuh..
    waaaa.. harus dikasih tau nie.. hehhee

  53. Nusantaraku berkata:

    What is romantic?
    Romantic appears from our heart, and it depend on situation, condition and our mind.
    Although we attend with in our soulmate (fisically), we will loss a ‘joyness’ if we not attend our mind. So, check our mind, and condition just help that happens.
    .-= Nusantaraku´s last blog ..Jangan Jadi Menteri “Ular Berkepala Dua” =-.

  54. luvaholic9itz berkata:

    weeeeeeeew, ngiriiiiiii ndoro :mrgreen:
    sama supu aq 😳 😳
    .-= luvaholic9itz´s last blog ..FOR GOD SHAKE..!!!!!!!! untuk Tuhan bergetar =-.

  55. si_noby85 berkata:

    Sehubungan dengan adanya amanah pemberian award persahabatan kepada teman-teman blogger kepada kami.
    Kami berharap kesediaan temen2 untuk menerima award yang saya berikan ini. Terima kasih atas kesediaan dan perhatiannya

  56. annosmile berkata:

    wew..fotonya keren..
    foto pre wed dimana tuh
    .-= annosmile´s last blog ..Kemewahan Pantai Parai Tenggiri =-.

  57. Ria berkata:

    :mrgreen: pasti dia sibuk bikin project

    kalo kelar dan menuai hasilnya jangan lupa temenmu yg cantik ini di traktir ya…hihihihihi 😆
    .-= Ria´s last blog ..Hari ini MENDUNG …. =-.

  58. Ria berkata:

    ohya mbak…kapan2 cerita lahhh…dari beberapa bagian diatas itu apa yg sudah di praktekin untuk suami tercinta… 😀

    bikin cake misalnya??? boleh juga klo ada fotonya apalagi kalau sampe di kirimin ke duri… 😳
    .-= Ria´s last blog ..Hari ini MENDUNG …. =-.

  59. hasian cinduth berkata:

    Hahaha… so sweet banget kak…

  60. frozzy berkata:

    beuh..gue bukan type romantis. hal paling romantis yang pernah gue lakuin ke si teko ajaib adalah nemenin dia kerja ampe tengah malem, sampe kuping gue denging denger video di rewind and forward bolak-bolik… 🙂
    .-= frozzy´s last blog ..YANG TERSISA DARI MUDIK =-.

  61. alamendah berkata:

    Romantis banget, Mbak?

  62. alamendah berkata:

    Foto yang bawah itu dapat dari mana, Mbak?
    .-= alamendah´s last blog ..Saka Wanabakti Pramuka Cinta Hutan =-.

  63. marina berkata:

    gentle kiss every morning sounds cool……
    .-= marina´s last blog ..Dear God =-.

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  65. quinie berkata:

    ahaaayyy… kayanya semuanya lebih seru kalo dilakuin setelah nikah deh. xixixixi… hm.. kalo gua apa ya..
    ntar gua pikir2 dulu

  66. quinie berkata:

    gua mo komen tapi kok bingung ya? hm.. hal romantis apa ya?

    1. membawakan makanan yang dia suka. catet! membawakan, bukan memasakan :p

    2. poto2 bareng..^^ *ceritaanya dia suka dipoto juga*

    3. ngeblog bareng… *halahhh…*

    apalagi ya?

  67. quinie berkata:

    btw, gimanah tanggepan hubby dikau mba? cinta mati banget dongs ama semua yang dikau lakukan ini?

  68. Zulhaq berkata:

    wedewww, kepala gw langsung bernanah kalo dah dihadapkan dengan bahasa yang satu ini. dari tadi mencoba memahami, tapi tetap gak semuanya dimengerti, hanya point2 umumnya aja…

    *kapan yah gw berkeluarga* he he he

  69. Ade berkata:

    Wew.. nice tips Ka..*sambil online shopping beli lingerie baru hehehe jadi ada alasan shopping deh*
    .-= Ade´s last blog ..Pindahan =-.

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  71. nana berkata:

    is the word romantic a noun? moreover a countable one? you added an ~s to the word. aint necessary really, for romantic is an adjective. cmiiw.

    hahaha I do know the difference bu guru.. ini kan biar enak dilidah doank, soalnya skr banyak yg make2in s dimana-ma. Cantiks lah, handsomes.lah 😀 yep its grammatically wrong 🙂 but it was on purpose hehe
    .-= nana´s last blog ..never mind =-.

  72. Devi Kevio berkata:

    Thanks for reminding me of those things that I might rarely do after our 7-year wedding…..

  73. partnerinvain berkata:

    emang semua harus diusahain…begitupula cinta…biar tetap membara…

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