i knew it was YOU

Last Saturday, I walked with a friend in the heart of Pontianak City. It was 9pm I guess, we walked hands by hands and talked many things. The cool breeze played with my hair and I kinda like it ^_^ the moon shone brightly and my friend mumbled how beautiful that night was. I agreed with her. Pontianak…, a small town with numerous kinds of food, surely is a heaven for food lover like me.

As we passed a little river, I felt a hunch (remember that I usually get this hunch ?) Aaah naaaa, it can’t be that bad, I tried to wipe away the bad feeling which came into my heart.
My friend kept talking about the food we just ate, how she liked it and how she wanted to try another food. While I was listening to her, I still couldn’t ignore the awful feeling which was approaching not only into my heart but also my soul now.

Suddenly, all I could hear was a horrible noise of a motorbike. Two people were on it. I became alert. What was going on… My heart started to panic, but I was able to control my self.

Suddenly the cool breeze wasn’t that cool anymore but had change into a horrible wind. I’d got a goose bum.
And suddenly.. those rider stopped right in front us. Only 5 meter distance.
Oh my God, please don’t let what I was frightened happen to night.

Please Noooo.

I’ve heard many criminals are targeting women in this street.

As I said my prayer, my heart seemed beat faster but at the same time a warm
enormous feeling covers me. I saw those two guys were watching us with dreadful
eyes ready to consume us.

I walked normally, getting closer to those guys since we needed to pass them in order to get into our hotel.
4 meter…
3 meter…
2 meter…
and it was just another 1 meter left. I smiled to them, they walked toward us,
I stayed calm cause this warm feeling had boost my confidence.
This is it, I thought..
Que sera..sera…
The articles about crimes had happened in this area were all over my head. And
there was a big possibility I would be the next victim.

However, all in a sudden, they stopped.
They just stopped and staring at us without saying a word. A bit confused in fact.

They finally said something (which I have forgotten) after we passed them. They
didn’t do anything, they were just stopped. I cried as I rushed into the hotel room.
I knew it was YOU. who had protected me with the Holly Spirit….

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  1. He look after us even we never realize. I wouldn’t tell that I’m kinda religious guy or whatsoever but His blessing upon us will never be faded away.

    GBU All the way! 😀

  2. kaaaa ini true story bneran, lo jln ma siapa?? ini pas pameran di pontianak itu yaaa….
    god really loves u bngt deh…;)

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