Blown Away by the Buzz Restaurant

I completely agree with an anon quotes saying, “Drinking good wines with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasure. “ And guess what? I just got that experienced last weekend at Buzz Restaurant. As one of four pretty restaurants in Alila Jakarta Hotel, Buzz Restaurants steals my wonder with their menus.

The menu allows you to eat either daintily or dangerously, perfect for people of every appetite. Why? For they served Asian cuisine including authentic Indonesian food as well as an impressive selection of international cuisines, and even a mixture of Indonesian and western food like Rendang Hamburger. Nice, huh?

We go for the highlight 2015 Food trends for the dinner. This Ponzu Compresssed Watermelon Carpaccio comes as a starter.

Buzz Restaurant Alila Jakarta 5When I first see the food on my table, I thought it’s salmon. My eyes got tricked! 😛 This fresh watermelon perfectly melted in my mouth with its caramel candy.

Buzz Restaurant Alila Jakarta 6

Luckily, the real salmon is served :mrgreen: . Inhouse Lemongrass Cured Salmon really wins my heart. The taste is a bit tricky though; fresh, yet there’s a little salty pinch from the Creme Fraiche.

This seared scallops meet my expectation of a yellow curried foodie. The curried isn’t that strong yet still put a distinctive flavor on the tip of my tongue. Quick tip: finish it while it’s hot.


And this is the best part of all: Oven Roasted Lamb Rack 2 ways. I am totally blown away by how good the meat was; the lamb was tender and juicy and smells really good!

Buzz Restaurant Alila Jakarta 14

Oh, and they also have lots of mouth watering dessert to try for which worth the pennies. This one is Lemon Curd, which is hearty in style. A jar of yogurt foam, Lemon Thyme Crumble and Passion Fruits Coulis. Perfect to close the night. Luv it, luv it!

For the coctails, they offer wide range of selection with clear description and reasonable price.

??????????The service was superb; love their warmth and smiles that made me feel happy and content. We were personally greeted by the Executive Chef, Alex Ensor. By the little chat we had, he said that under his rules, Buzz Restaurant comes with a new initiative “Paddock to Plate” concept, means working with local farmers to source seasonal from the Indonesian archipelago. Wow. Thumbs up, Chef!

In my opinion, Buzz Restaurant gives a tremendous dining experience where all the foods are wonderful to eat. Me and my guy truly enjoy our night there. I definitely will be back when the menu changes; every 3 months.


Buzz Restaurant

Alila Jakarta Hotel

Jalan Pecenongan Kav 7-17

Jakarta 10120 Indonesia

P : +62 21 231 6008 F : +62 21 231 6007

email :


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