Picnic by the Beach

You bring your own uniqueness to the picnic

Last Tuesday I was invited by Conrad Bali Resort to come to one of their intimate gathering in Jakarta. The resort is in Bali… But why was the gathering in Jakarta? I was wondering myself, but hey… what the heck… Just come and find out by myself 😉

As you know I love to travel, thus the knowledge of comfy hotel would be an advantage for me when I go on holiday later on. So I’m always excited with this kind of event ^_^.

Anyway, once I arrived at the venue, I was surprised to see the pool was decorated with plenty pretty baskets and picnic food. Ternyata, Conrad Bali was introducing their new package called Your Picnic Basket. Basically it is a way of Conrad Bali to satisfy the needs of their customer to have bosom picnic at their beach. The package is offered at IDR 350.00/++ per person with various choices of food. We can go on some lovely beaches nearby to the resort or even in front of the resort itself and have a wonderful time with our loved ones.

Enjoying my picnic with @nagacentil
Enjoying my picnic with @nagacentil

Great food means great picnic :mrgreen:

Let's enjoy the day ^_^
Let’s enjoy the day ^_^
What's life if we can't enjoy it? ^_^ So, seize the day!
What’s life if we can’t enjoy it? ^_^ So, seize the day!

This reminds me of the old time when my mom and dad took me and siblings on a picnic. Guess, now is time for me to bring my own kid to have this kind of experience, huh? Hopefully it will be in Bali. Soon! ^_^


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