Call it Maternity Photography

It was a warm beautiful sunny Saturday when we took the pictures. We asked @nanathnadia of Sunday & Sunflowers to take precious moment of Baby Lex in my womb. And the result is beautiful! She could capture the moments: intimate, fun or simply a smile. Take a peep here:

Dear Baby Lex, no doubt, you are the greatest gift I will ever receive.

Maternity Photo shoot 3A kiss from your lovely father. Do you know that although he doesn’t carry you like I do but he showers you with love? He ensures that Mami has a joyful pregnancy time, great food and good massage before bed.

Maternity Photo shoot 4I can’t wait to see you, my dear Baby. I just can’t wait to carry you in my arms. I’ll show you the world and we’ll have fun.

Maternity Photo shoot 6Before you were born, I carried you wherever I go. Right under my heart for you are my everything. We love you already!

Maternity Photo shoot 7I’m in love with you. Both of you.

The picture above is my favorite! I love the skin to skin pose we made. Nanath is a fun person therefore I felt comfy when I needed to take off my clothes.

Maternity Photo shoot 8Nothing matters, just you and our baby. Hand on hand we welcome the new role in our life: parental role. And I know we’ll be the great one.

Maternity Photo shoot 9Team up for the future!

Maternity Photo shoot 10Golden theme, natural pose. Having a peaceful conversation with my baby by heart. Being pregnant is magical. I should’ve realized it faster.

Maternity Photo shoot 11

Maternity Photo shoot 12Life is fun! New member will come in our family ^_^

Photographer : @nanathnadia of Sunday & Sunflowers
Makeup : nanathnadia
Price : Upon request, contact her directly.

By the way I share some tips on making wonderful Maternity Photo-shoot:

  1. I know that having an outdoor photo-shoot would be fantastic. Pregnancy itself is a natural thing and the idea of blending in with the nature on the natural thing of a soon to be mother would be cool. Yet, since being pregnant is somehow make our body different, better to reconsider the outdoor theme. You will get tired easily, sweating a lot, not to mention wasted time in touching up the make-up. You should also consider the comfort when you take of your shirt to show your belly. It is outdoor, possibly there are people passing by. But the choice is yours.
  2. Have some photo concepts would be great. Not only you are helping the photographer, you also help yourself for you know what you want.
  3. Prepare your properties. Your outfit, shoes or things you want to use. Simplicity would be elegant like white or black wardrobe yet for the fun part, colorful apparel is a definite choice. That’s why, have a concept!
  4. If you already have a child or you have pets, include them in the photos. It will add the happiness 🙂
  5. Best time to have maternity photo-shoot, IMO is between 7-8 months pregnancy for the bump is visible yet our body isn’t that tired from the heavy weight gained.

It’s June, I’m gonna be a mommy soon ^_^ (hey, it’s rhyme!)

Have a joyful day, Sobat CE :* kiss kiss

85 respons untuk ‘Call it Maternity Photography

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  1. such a beautiful collection of pictures!
    You’re a gorgeous Mom indeed, Ka. I can’t wait to see Baby Lex
    Semoga proses lahirannya lancar ya and Baby Lex sehat selalu *kiss kiss*

  2. aaak…so swiiit.. sukaa fotonya, apalagi yg dipeluk sama pak suami itu perutnya
    aku mau foto kaya gini pas hamil ntar, tapi ga berani :))

  3. Cakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, sumpah cantik, ganteng, bagus, semuanya deh 🙂
    Jadi pengen #eh
    Semoga dirimu melahirkan sebelum aku moving ya, biar bisa lihat Baby Lex.

  4. menghitung hari ya kak…. semoga lancar acara persalinannya nanti ya kak.
    Suka sama foto2nya, meski konsepnya sederhana tapi berasaaaaaaaaa *apaansih? 😀

  5. Wow foto nan cantik, Baby Lex sebuah kebahagian bagi Dad and Mom.
    Saat dia melihat ini, dia merasa sangat beruntung di tengah dua orangtua yang saling mencinta ini.

  6. you look so beautiful there kak ekaa,…. waaah, jadi pingin foto2 kek gitu juga. semoga suatu hari nanti bisaa ya, habisnya lagi LDM again. semoga proses kelahirannya lancar yaaa

  7. So cute…sexy and i love this 🙂
    Suka lihat ekspresi Eka yang sangat menikmati setiap proses photo session. Terlihat enjoy dan natural.
    Moga proses kelahirannya lancar, mom n baby sehat yaaaaa :))

  8. lovely shots…good to know you enjoy it :)..I had my own as well for bebe Obi in my facebook…but it was done by my lovely hubby himself, featuring Bo :)…have a lovely maternity ride and embrace for even more magical moments that soon will come …

  9. Kereeeeeeeen.. :-* :-*
    Inget banget kata2 Mba Eka waktu di kantin “Kenapa aku harus repot2 mandiin anak, aku bisa bayar baby sitter.”
    *jleb.. ^_^

    Sepertinya sekarang sudah beda yaa Mba, sudah menikmati rasanya menjadi Ibu. Masih hamil aja begitu mencintai baby di perut. Apalagi nanti..

    Semoga sukses semua yg diharapkan, lahiran normal dan ASIX dan semua yg terbaik untuk Baby Lex.

    Kecup dan peluuuuuuk… :-*

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