Sssstt… Can U Keep a Secret ??

this is not my G-string ! www. dreamstime. com/

Who doesn’t have a secret? Of course everybody has !
And each of us has our own reason(s) to keep things as a secret even from our loved ones.
But, now I wanna share my dirty laundry with you:

1. When I was little, I was always wondering how would a woman with a long hair pup. ‘Coz their hair were covering their butt 😀 hahaha silly thought

2. During my college in UI, sometimes I felt like I was the dumbest student in the class ever. ‘Coz my classmates – darn ! – they were so smart with their spectacles and convincing argumentation. And one thing I only good was my language skills :p

3. My G-strings are hurting me 😦 Sueer to God !!! No lie ! they don’t give you Visible Panty Liner –VPL- but for sure they give you pain.

4. When I was in high school, I thought I’d be a perfect date if I were born as a boy. Hate the slow and shy movement of those high school boys ^_^

5. Back to 1995, I thought the doomed day would be in year 2000 hehehe. Lucky earth is still standing now :p

6. That 12cm stilettos gift from my hubby are about to kill my feet ^_^ but still I wear it in the name of fashion

7. The fender benders at the back of my dad’s car were my faults. I crashed it when I was on 9th grade but don’t have guts to tell him the truth even until now. I made him think he accidentally did it when he reversed the car 😀 hahaha naughty me

8. I’m a deaf tone, I can’t sing. And this is a humiliation for a batanesse (hope I’m not the only deaf tone in this tribe)
9. I have no clue, why would I think Lex Luthor is breathtakingly cool

10. I never get the idea of the movie “Mid Summer’s Night Dreams” During the drama class I just pretended I knew the film :), sooo anyone tell meee, what’s that movie about… everybody juz brief up the story out 4me 😀 anyone ??

11. I always thought that my hubby is the best bassist ever – fanatic fan mode : ON
12. Sometimes when I’m up set I feed my fish with rice 😉 lucky they don’t complain hahaha

13. My GUESS belt is a fake (Ooh God have mercy on me for wearing a piracy things…) hehehhe

Weelll, since now you know my dirty little secret then
Would you keep it between us…??
As a secret ? 😉 hehehe

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23 Balasan ke Sssstt… Can U Keep a Secret ??

  1. chie berkata:

    i haVe secRet too…

    do u konw thaT i know eka’s secRet???hihihi..;p

  2. julie berkata:

    huehehehe yang nomer satu parah tuuu
    lamkenal sistaa

  3. Muzda berkata:

    # 10. Midsummer;s Night Dream …
    Cinta segiempat antara Lysander, Hermia, Helena and Demetrius.. Trus ada campur tangan Raja & Ratu Peri, dan tokoh favorit saya, Puck si Peri Nakal.
    O my God, I know Shakespeare.. I’m a weirdo,, keep our little secret yaa… sstt..

    btw Mba’,, aku jadi inget novel Sophie Kinsella

  4. Muzda berkata:

    Well,, it sounds better than weird,, haaa..

    Rahasia yang berani kuakui sekarang ..??
    *aku takut turun pake eskalator*

  5. frozzy berkata:

    were u talking about that Lex Luthor :Michael Rosenbaum, one of Smallville casts ? omigod, he’s cool, rarely found antagonist characters who has lots of fans because of d’ evil character they act.

  6. mas stein berkata:

    talk to me everything sis, your secret will save with me, coz i ndak dhong anyway…

  7. Daiichi berkata:

    Hihii.. Lucu..
    My litle secrete… mmmmm apa ya??

  8. Mas Adien berkata:

    ssstt…some body coming …..

  9. DV berkata:

    Secret nomer tiga lucu 🙂
    Aku selalu berpikir, G-String itu memang menyiksa sekaligus menjijikkan karena tergesek-gesek ke anus yang mungkin belum dicebokin secara properly


  10. Lala berkata:

    About the 12cm stiletto…
    isn’t fashion supposed to be painful?

    But G-string is supposed to be helpful, not harmful! damn! I think Britney had the same idea when she was going clubbing without underwear…. hihihi…


  11. Lala berkata:

    Kenapa ketawa gue bisa dobel gitu, ya, Ka?

    KOmentar lagi ah… mumpung.. 😀

    I read the novel and I pictured my self as her. Mulut bocor, takut terbang, dan sekalinya ketakutan, keluarlah semua rentetan rahasianya… ditambah dengan kode-kode Starbucks itu.. huakakakak… very very me…

    Ntar long wiken ini mau gue baca2 lagi aaahhh…

  12. Ade berkata:

    I’ll lock my lips and throw away the key
    Your secret is safe with me :mrgreen:

  13. yessymuchtar berkata:

    Okey, now ley me gave you one big secret..

    I always tell others about their secrets….

    jiakakakkaka..gimana yaaa…gue kan emberrr!!! bwuahuahuahua!

  14. mrpall berkata:

    Well,, it sounds better than weird,, haaa..

  15. Ria berkata:

    huhehehehe itu loch gambar depan postingan ini….I really don’t like G-strings…dan cuman punya 2 biji, udah mahalnya gak ketulungan belinya ehhhhh…gak pernah di pake pula * makenya* kecuali kalo terpaksa…catet ya…terpaksa… 😛

    that’s my secret….ssttttt jng di kasih tau siap2 ya mbak eka 😀

  16. Mardies berkata:

    Some secrets are dirty for some people and not for others.

    Well, when you talk about those…

    Those aren’t secrets anymore 😉

    Nice post 🙂

  17. Ikkyu_san berkata:

    better not to wear anything than a G string

    and how about no bra too?


  18. fachrielantera06 berkata:

    speechless 😀

  19. titiw berkata:

    Gyahhaha.. jadi kepikiran nulis ginian di blog sendiri. Kamu menginspirasi diriku untuk menyebarkan aib2 nista ke muka bumi.. Hoho.. I’ve read all Kinsella’s book.. And I read ’em on e-book! Oh my God.. One secreat revealed! Tuhan.. Maafkan aku atas sifatku yg pelit ini.. Eh tapi kan juga menyelamatkan bumi karena gak pake kertas.. Akh.. alasan saja kau, Isabel!! *telenopela mode: on*

  20. masnoe® berkata:

    haiyah . . . . funk! 4bi5 2 9-Srting5 Nya

  21. gwgw berkata:

    G-string yang indah….*mengkhayal ke 1*,
    apalagi yg make ya ?…hik..hik..hik….
    *mengkhayal ke 2 *

  22. atifhidayat berkata:

    ha..ha… enak-enak..enak..

    berkhayal terus yuks…

    koq ngayal.. lho ini beneran koq

  23. glirladdipt berkata:

    Other variant is possible also

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