Blogging in English :)

for blogging in ENGLISH

for blogging in ENGLISH

At first I planned to create a blog in Bahasa Indonesia but after reading an article on here .  I decided to build a blog with English as the language medium. The article had inspired me. I have the same opinion with mas Fatih that people from other countries should have known Indonesia from our writings. That’s why I came up by creating two blogs : one in Bahasa and the other is in English.

But then I found out that it’s not easy to run two blogs at the same time.


So after a deep consideration, I decided to merge my English and Bahasa blog. I feel free to write fiction stories in Bahasa Indonesia – don’t know why (perhaps I do realize there are things better said in our mother tongue) – so in the FRONT PAGE you are going to find the miniseries of KAYLA or a ballad of men and women in bahasa. I put emphasize on the relationship theme. Bet you are going to like it 😉

While in the English section, the stories will most likely to revolve around things happen in my daily life, of course with plenty Indonesian taste in it . Which I am sure fascinating !

There aren’t many stories yet since this is a new page, but I promise to write more. As writing can be a good means of self-evaluation. Be a better person in any capacity requires a non-stop-learning process, yet not to forget a willingness to change. Thus there’s always room for encouragement, support or even disagreement. Anyway, enjoy all of my stories 😉 and feel free to leave your marks. Don’t forget to open the ENGLISH page 🙂


Eka Situmorang–Sir


Tentang Ceritaeka

A Lifestyle and Travel Blogger. Choco addict. High-heels fans also a culinary worshiper. Simply give her friendship, love, freedom and FUN will be in the air.
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20 Balasan ke Blogging in English :)

  1. mangkum berkata:

    O jadi gitu…
    Well, I have to leave my comment here in English then.

  2. suwung berkata:

    i cant spike english mam

  3. bocahbancar berkata:

    Mmmm….Actually, I want to write in English too..

    But..Dakedo…You know my English is not good..

    So, I am shy if posting in English but there are so many false in grammar..

    hehehehehe, maybe I must be learning English harder then…

    OK..I will read your posting in English…

    Jya, mata ne….

  4. mas stein berkata:

    well, i love you…

    *jan! ra mudheng!*

  5. marshmallow berkata:

    it does take a big deal of courage to do something beyond our origin and familiarity, and writing in a foreign language is one of which.
    so i salute your effort.

    thanks for visiting my blog, eka.

  6. rima fauzi berkata:

    Hi Eka..
    Thanks for coming to my blog.
    I also merged my two personal blogs into one. I originally wanted to have another one in French, but then I don’t have that much time, so I guess Bahasa Indonesia and English is enough for now.

    You should keep on writing in a foreign language and read a lot of other blogs as well because those two activities will teach you how to write and hone your writing skills.

    Good luck!

  7. yessymuchtar berkata:

    nah kalo yang kayak gini nih…gue bisa bisa ditimpuk sama semua blogger gara gara grammar gue yang kacau! lah nulis pake bahasa indonesia aja gue masih kacau balau..gimana kalo Enggreesss!!

    Bisa mati gue!!! ada ada aja englishnya..availabe available yes…

  8. Muzda berkata:

    Good luck Mba’…
    Aku juga niat gitu Mba’,, tapi masalahnya belum cukup pe-de,, hahaa 😀

    Eh iya,, aku udah link balik …

  9. achoey berkata:

    Wah bener nih Yess
    Gua jg numpang lewat aja 😀

  10. Paluhlimbuy berkata:

    Heheh.. ngerti dikit… apa lagi dah ! heheh

  11. chieluvcat berkata:

    for me engLisH is soMething interesTing.. englisH is baD..
    so i’M noT coNfideNt to write in engLish..hihihi..

    but..keep bLogging deh mBa,,
    ^wahh,,bahasax daH nyaMpuR ney^
    engLish..indoNesia..sokk atuhhh..!!! ;D

  12. DV berkata:

    Wah, nggak ngartiiii 🙂
    Di sini tiap hari ketemu english, kangen berbahasa Indonesia eh ketemu blog english pula 🙂

    Anyway, salute!

  13. Zian X-Fly berkata:

    Kenapa why selalu always dan and tidak pernah never?

  14. kiraitomy berkata:

    sebagai orang indonesia yang berjiwa nasionalis yang cinta akan bahasa Indonesia,
    katakan tidak untuk B.Inggris

  15. dionbarus berkata:

    Writing an english post has been my biggest concern since I decided to blogging. And it quite difficult to work somehow.

    Mbak Eka, I’m hardly doubt that half of the earth’s citizen are speaking English as you mention above, the most spoken languange in the world goes to Mandarin for some reason.

    Eventually, I’m always looking forward your English post as it makes my day.

    Two thumbs! 😀

  16. Indah berkata:

    Goo, Ekaa 😉 Semoga postingan in English-nya bisa terus jalan ya. G pribadi lebih senang gado2 language, campuran Indo ma English, hi3 😀

  17. Jazmin berkata:

    I enjoyed your blog.

  18. Informasi Jitu berkata:

    I don?t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW 🙂

  19. Kaley berkata:

    Good blog. Can’t wait to start my own blog.

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