Exploring Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

I was amazed with the huge river in the heart of Bangkok City: Chao Phraya River. This river is not only clean but also managed to be a major transportation artery for a fast mobility. Well, it is a public knowledge that rush hour in Bangkok always packed with cars. Thus using the river as the transportation way would be a good option.

The Chao Phraya River

Got the chance to explore the Chao Phraya River. I hopped on from one of the pier and tried the long tail boat (water taxi) to go to Wat Arun. My first experience. As it was a small boat, it was a little bit bumpy but still comfy though. Yet I need to watch my bag carefully for sometimes the water from the river splashed inside :D Oh yeah I got free shower. Haha.

This is the Long Tail Boat a.k.a Water Taxi. Pricey, pricey >.<

Despite its dark water, the river is odorless and the water felt fresh. Along its banks there are high buildings, some tourist objects and restaurants. Guess having dinner with a night river view would be romantic ;) .

Tips in exploring the Chao Phraya River:

  1. If you are in the tight budget you can always take the ferry. The fare is cheap, about 3 Bath only. Yet, they go by schedules so you might have to wait for a while.
  2. When budgeting is not your problem, you can take water taxi or known as the long tail boat. They have scenic route. Hop on and you can see some tourist objects. Btw ask first whether they will stop at the tourist objects or not, for some boats do not offer the stop by service.
  3. Besides scenic route, the water taxi can also drop you on whatever place you want it. This is useful when you wanna catch tourist object with a closing hour approaching. To visit the Wat Arun I used this service and the fare choked me :mrgreen: . For comparison, on our way home I paid 3 Bath using the Ferry but using the long tail boat I paid 100 bath one way. *sobbing* Hahaha.
  4. In the afternoon, there might be some fire crackers. They are wonderful. Prepare your camera to take some snapshots.
  5. Try to have dinner on cruise or on the restaurants just right on the river banks. There are many travel agents offer this kind of package.

For a reasonable price, take the ferry :D

Inside the ferry. not bad, huh?

Inside the ferry. not bad, huh?

The scenic route that Long Tail Boat offer. Your call ;)

The scenic route that Long Tail Boat offer. Your call ;)

One wonderful view from the Ferry. Wat Arun on the distance.

One wonderful view from the Ferry. Wat Arun on the distance.

Night at Chao Phraya River

Luv the afternoon view from the ferry ^_^

Exploring Chao Phraya River in the afternoon can be one option to enjoy Bangkok. Thaiā€™s government truly understands how to maximize everything to support the tourist industry. Geez, I miss cruising the river already :).

Have a lovely Wednesday, Sobat CE!

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26 Responses to Exploring Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

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  3. Lidya says:

    pemandangan malamnya dari ferry cantik mbak

  4. wah-wah sudah berkibar disini :P.

  5. Arman says:

    bagus langit senjanya.. ada kembang api pula ya…

  6. So now you’re writing in English, eh? :)

    I always love clean river in the middle of a city, that’s why I surely would try this kind of transportation when I travel to Bangkok someday. Anyway, I’ve been reading Lonely Planet Thailand for these few days and it is said that each ferry has a different colour flag. Each colour has each pier stop. Cmiiw.

  7. Wow aku suka pemandangannya saat sore dan malam hari, cantik banget :)

  8. angkisland says:

    wow very nice traveling mbak….wah chayo prya…kapan yah bisa ke stu juga T.T

  9. yusmei says:

    Suka banget nyoba transport air di chao Praya ini. Apalagi naik kapal publik murah banget ya mbak…coba sungai di Jakarta bisa difungsiin kayak gini, kan asyik tuh :)

  10. Agung Rangga says:

    kembang apinya cantik sekali… :oops:

  11. linda says:

    keren banget, smeoga bisa ke sana hehehe

  12. Jade Blair says:

    Wow, that river looks beautiful! Thanks for the tips. I hope to go there someday! :)

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